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IT Gyan is market leader in Chip Level Repair Training in Indore.

We are laptop,Mobile, Computer, Printer, Hardware & Networking training institute. IT Gyan is the result of vision to produce well trained technical people to catapult the growth of developing nations.

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Some Of Our Features

Modern Labs
All our labs are fully-equipped with IRDA SMD machine, BGA machine.
Placement Cell
We have placement cells to give maximum employment opportunity to the students.
Extra Benefits
IT Gyan has gained reputation in the market owing to its quality training and support mechanism.
Expert staff
Available Anytime
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Courses Offered in IT Gyan.

Topics Covered in Basic and Advance Laptop Chip level Repairing Course

✓ Aware about all laptop Bios setting

✓ Learn how to create windows partition & formatting

✓ Installation of different windows.

✓ Learn to make driver backup & restore it

✓ Learn to repair all windows and driver file

✓ Learn how recover data

✓ Different types of virus problem

✓ Learn USB port and LAN port problem

✓ Solve camera failure problem


Topics Covered in Basic Electronics :

✓ Identification of different Resistor

✓ Identification of different Capacitor

✓ Identification of different Coil

✓ Identification of different Diode

✓ Identification of different Transistor

✓ Identification of different Transformer

✓ Identification of Mos-fet

✓ Identification of Crystal

Know About Different Parts of Laptop :

✓ Charger & Adapter

✓ Battery

✓ Hard Drive

✓ CD & DVD writer

✓ RAM and ROM

✓ Keyboard and Touchpad

✓ Screen (Lcd/Led)

✓ Motherboard

✓ Cooling Fan

✓ Wifi Card

✓ Webcam

Topics Covered in Chip Level Tracing Class :

 ✓ Faults in AC to DC power section testing

✓ Faults in power supply section

✓ Faults in input output

✓ Charging discharging section with chip fault tracing

✓ Faults in CPU heat control

✓ Faults in COM port section

✓ Faults in ethernet section

✓ Faults in sound audio section

✓ Faults in keyboard section

✓ Motherboard voltage regulator module circuit tracing

Topic Covered in Practical Classes :

✓ Learn hard disk chip level repairing and maintenance

✓ Learn how to install external bluetooth/wifi inside a laptop

✓ Learn how To break windows 7 login password In 3 steps

✓ Learn how an image appear on the LCD screen

✓ Learn how to fixing hardware problem without taking apart the laptop

✓ Learn how to replacing battery cells inside laptop battery

✓ Testing a laptop memory

✓ Learn how to break BIOS Password

✓ How to work with digital analog multimeter

✓ Learn how to find diagnostic card error codes

✓ How to update BIOS & reprogramming of BIOS

✓ How to work in advance service center

Section of Laptop Motherboard :

✓ Bridge section

✓ Vin section

✓ Step down section

✓ Clock generator section

✓ RAM section

✓ Rom section (bios)

✓ Charging section

✓ I/o section

✓ Touchpad section

✓ Keyboard section

✓ Usb section

✓ Wifi section

✓ Audio section

✓ lan section

✓ Lvds section

✓ Sata section

✓ CFL section

✓ Vrm section

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​​Hardware and Networking Certification Opportunities :

There are plenty of job opportunities for those who have taken Hardware and Networking certification courses. There is a lack of hardware and networking professionals, while demand for certified students is very high. Currently, all major corporations manage their business on the cloud. It has become very critical for companies in all industries to maintain high levels of IT security and also keep up with the fast changing computer hardware industry.

Computer hardware and networking certification is very important when searching for jobs in the IT industry or when working for any major company with a sophisticated IT infrastructure. Looking at the current scope in jobs in hardware and networking area is in the billions of dollars.

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Desktop Computers are so common in today's life. Every where we found Computers & Laptops. IT Gyan trained you to repair Computer, Laptop & Printers. After this course you will be able to work in a reputed service center and repairing factories. Most of our students do their own business after completing their course from here

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Topics Covered in Basic and Advance Printer Chip level Repairing Course :

Inkjet/Deskjet Printer :

Introduction of Inkjet/Deskjet Printer

Classification of Inkjet/Deskjet Printer

Different sections of Inkjet/Deskjet Printer, Its details & Identification

Interface Section, Repairing of Inkjet/Deskjet Printer

Testing of Inkjet/Deskjet Printer

Block diagram of Inkjet or Deskjet Printer and description

Layout of Inkjet or Deskjet Printer

Find problems of Inkjet/Deskjet in Paper sensor, Home Sensor, Front Panel Led Indicator, Carriage motor Driver, Paper feed motor drive, Print Head driver

Trace problem of Inkjet/Deskjet in Power Supply, Description of 24V and 5V power supply

CPU and DIP switch,RAM, ROOM Pins details, Fault finding of Inkjet/Deskjet Printer

LaserJet Printer :

Function, Block diagram of all Laserjet Printer and their Process

Image Formation in Cleaning to fusing Process in Laserjet printer

Electronic section of Laser Printer with Formater PCA and DC Controller

Mechanical section of Laser Printer with Paper feeding, Motor Solenoid etc

Fault finding of Laser Printer and Refilling them

Dotmatrix Printer:

Function Of Dot Matrix Printer and it's Concept

Dotmatrix Mechanism and Daisy Chain

About Drum Printer and Printer Head Working

Learn about Power Supply & Processor Section

What is Pin Head Refurbish

Concept of SMPS Board

Color printer

Function of Colour Printer

Block Diagram of various Colour Printers and their Description

Different Types of Colour Printer

Cartridge Refilling of various Colour Printers

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Hard disk Assembling & Disassembling

✓ Platters
✓ Ribbon Cable
✓ Spindle Motors
✓ Actuator
✓ Read / write Arm

Hard disk Chip Level Details

✓ Power section
✓ Bios (Rom) Section
✓ Spindle Motor Section
✓ Components Identification
✓ Hard disk Motherboard Trace work
✓ Cold Checking & Hot Checking

Hard disk Data Recovery using Software

✓ Learn How Data Will be Recover by Various Softwares

Hard disk Components Removing & Refixing

✓ IC Removing & Refixing
✓ SMT Small Components (capacitors, Diode, Transistors etc,) Removing &
✓ IDE/SATA Connectors Removing & Refixing

Basic Electronics

✓ Resistors
✓ Capacitors
✓ Inductors
✓ Transformer
✓ Diodes
✓ Transistors
✓ Integrated Circuits (IC)
✓ SMT Components Checking’s

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Introduction of Mobile Phone

Level 1

✓ Introduction of Mobile
✓ 2G, 3G, 4G & 5G Technology
✓ Generation of Mobile & Tablet
✓ Fundamentals in Mobile & Tablet Industry
✓ Basic Electronics
✓ Disassembling the Different types of mobile models
✓ Disassembling the Different types of Tablet models
✓ Different Types of Tools & Instruments Usage
✓ SMD Components Identification
✓ SMD Components Checking
✓ Card Level Component Identification
✓ Card Level Component Checking
✓ Types of Battery
✓ Types of Chargers
✓ Battery Booster usage procedure
✓ Dc power supply Working Principle
✓ Dc power supply usage
✓ Soldering Technique & Procedures
✓ Soldering Practice

Level 2

✓ Specification of SMD Components
✓ Different Types of Integrated Circuit working priciples
✓ Integrated Circuit pins Configuration
✓ SMD Rework Station Technique
✓ SMD Rework Station procedure of Temperature Adjustment
✓ level components soldering procedure & practice
✓ Pin IC working concept & Soldering practice
✓ BGA IC working concept & Soldering practice
✓ Glass IC working concept & Soldering practice
✓ Working process of Battery Connector & Soldering Practice
✓ Working process of SIM Slot & Soldering Practice
✓ Working process of Memory Slot & Soldering Practice
✓ Charging Port soldering Procedure & practice
✓ Display Connector soldering Procedure & practice
✓ Headset Port soldering Procedure & practice
✓ Camera Connector soldering Procedure & practice
✓ Switches soldering Procedure & practice
✓ Peripherals soldering practice
✓ Display Strip soldering Procedure & practice
✓ Camera Strip soldering Procedure & practice

Level 3

✓ Hot Air Gun Technique, Temperature Adjustment & Practice
✓ Track Line Jumpering techniques, Soldering Procedure & Rectify the fault
✓ Identifying the different section of Mobile & Tablet
✓ Mobile & Tablet working principle & function
✓ Mobile & Tablet Block Diagram Explanation 
✓ Circuit Tracing 
✓ Hot & Cold Testing 
✓ Hardware fault identification 
✓ Software fault identification 
✓ Setting fault identification 
✓ Display Opening procedures
✓ BGA Reballing IC (Manual)
✓ IPhone Board Chip Level Servicing
✓ Troubleshooting Dead condition 
✓ Troubleshooting of No Display 
✓ Troubleshooting of Water Damage Mobile
✓ Troubleshooting of Touch Not Working
✓ Troubleshooting of Keypad not working
✓ Troubleshooting of Not detect the Network
✓ Troubleshooting of Bluetooth not working
✓ Troubleshooting of WI-FI not enabling
✓ Troubleshooting of NFC not enabling
✓ Troubleshooting of FM not working
✓ Troubleshooting of SOS alert not working
✓ Troubleshooting of SIM Error
✓ Troubleshooting of MMC Not working
✓ Troubleshooting of Not camera Not working
✓ Troubleshooting of No flashlight Not working
✓ Troubleshooting of Sensor not working
✓ Troubleshooting of Speaker not working
✓ Troubleshooting of Mike not working
✓ Troubleshooting of No ringtone alert
✓ Troubleshooting of No vibrate alert 
✓ Troubleshooting of No alarm
✓ Troubleshooting of Headset not enable
✓ Troubleshooting of Not charging
✓ Troubleshooting of Automatically Reboot
✓ Troubleshooting of Hanging
✓ Troubleshooting of Software not detect
✓ Different Types of Short Troubleshooting
✓ Service Codes 
✓ Test & Factory mode Techniques
✓ Hard Reset the Mobile
✓ Country, Pattern & FRP lock Techniques
✓ Flashing Formatting & IMEI Techniques
✓ Software Boxes Flashing & Installation
✓ Drivers installation 
✓ Software Tools Flashing & Installation
✓ Skill Development - Entrepreneurship
✓ Live Practical Training & Testing

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