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Join the Best Laptop Repairing Course in Indore

IT Gyan Indore Institute of advance technology is the best laptop chip level repairing institute in Indore. You will get training on chip level for desktop and laptop repairing courses in our institute with 100% practical. We use advanced technology and repairing tools in our lab for repairing the motherboard. In our lab we give training on SMD Machine, Usb Schematic Machine, DC power supply and BIOS programmer for faulty laptops and desktop. Call us for more information for the chip level laptop repairing course.

Our IT Gyan Indore Institute is a well-known institute name in Laptop Repairing Institutes of Indore. We are a Certified chip level Laptop Repairing Institute founded in 2010. The laptop repairing course is a hugely preferred and most demanding course among students and on-job working professionals. We have prepared this course for students to help them to acquire as much knowledge as they can to establish their skills and achieve their professional goals. We have covered all the detailed topics in this Laptop Repairing course syllabus so that students can work as per the laptop repairing industry’s demand. This course has been created after a lot of research and thorough analysis of all the important requirements by the industry professionals and experts who are working in well known companies.

IT Gyan Indore Laptop or computer repairing institute is thought for successful chip level computer or laptop education. Our experts purpose to offer first class training through a chip level computer repairing course. For this reason, IT Gyan Indore Laptop repairing institute not most effective believes in innovation but also affords the best manner to learn laptop repairing

Laptop Repairing Course Syllabus

Introduction of (Volt, current, Watt, Ohms)

Introduction of ( AC/DC )

How to Use Digital Multimeter

Identification of Electronics

Components on Motherboards of laptop and desktop.

Basic Electronics Of Motherboard


Working Concept of Resistor

Types of Resistor

Symbol, Unit, Denoting Letter of Resistor

Resistor Color Coding Concept

SMD Resistor Value

How to test Resistor on motherboard


What is a Capacitor?

Types of Capacitor.

Symbol, unit & Denoting Letter of Capacitor

Series and Parallel concept of Capacitor

Inboard and outboard Capacitor Testing


Working Concept of Diode

How many types of Diode

Denoting Letter and Symbol of Diode

Bridge Rectifier Diode Concept

Testing of all types of Diode on motherboard


Concept of Transistor on motherboard

Transistor Types

What is Symbol and Denoting Letter?

SMD and Normal Transistor Identification

Onboard Testing of SMD & Normal Transistor


Identification of Difference types of Coil

Working of Coil (Inductor)

Types of Coil

Symbol, unit, Denoting Letter Concept of Coil

Testing of all types of Coil


Concept of SMD Mosfet

Working concept of 3 pin, 6 pin, 8 pin Mosfet

Types of Mosfet

What is Denoting letter and symbol of Mosfet

Gate, Drain, Source pin Details

IC / Chip

Working Concept of IC/Chip

 Identification of Difference Types of IC

 IC ok Testing on board

 Diffrent IC Value on motherboard


 Difference Types of Transformer

 Working of Transformer

 Symbol, Denoting Letter Concept of Transformer

Testing Concept of Transformer


 Working Concept of Crystal

 Rtc Crystal

 Symbol, unit, Denoting Letter Concept

 Testing of Crystal by Multimeter and CRO Machine


 What is Fuse and fuse work?

 Symbol, Denoting Letter Concept of Fuse.

 Testing and Repair Concept of Fuse


 Types of Difference Thermistor

 Working of Thermistor on board

 Testing Concept of Thermistor

 NTC , PTC Thermistor

Soldering & Desoldering Practice

 How to remove all motherboard components like- capacitor, transistor, mosfet, crystal, coil, diode, fuse etc. ?

 How to fix all electronics components on motherboard easily?

 How to remove and fix all types of ic/chip from motherboard?

 How to remove and fix all types of port ,connector, slot, socket Like -VGA Port, USB Port, ps2 port, sata connector, cmos battery?

Tracing Of Laptop & Desktop Motherboard Section

 Volt in section

 Step down section

 Vrm section

 Ram section

 Chip section (Graphic Section, North Bridge, South Bridge Section)

 Battery section (Charging & Discharging Section)

 I/O (Input Output ) section

 Bios section

 Lan section

 Sound section

 Usb section

 Vga section

 Sata section

 3.3v , 5v section

 1.2v, 1.8v, 1.5v, 2.5 volt section

 Odd section & Fan section

 Lvds section ( LCD LED Panel and Screen section)

 Keyboard section & Touch pad

 Clock generator section

 Wi-Fi section & Adaptor section

Assembling & Disassembling

 Desktop Assembling and disassembling

 Laptop Assembling and Disassembling process

Faults Finding And Repairing Solution

 No display problem solution

 Dead motherboard problem solution

 Automatic Restarting error repairing

 Hanging problem of laptop and desktop

 Charging & discharging faults of laptops

 Dim screen faults solution

 Automatic off problem

 Date and time error

 Blue screen

 Heating faults of laptop and desktop

 Fan not working faults of laptop & computer

 Motherboard Shorting faults

 Leakage problem

 USB not working faults

 Hard disk not working

 Error from Webcam (camera)

 Wi-Fi not working problem

 Sound related faults solution

 Network related problem

 Laptop Touchpad not working

 Keyboard not working faults of laptop & desktop

 Bluetooth and card reader problem

 White screen faults of laptops

 Hinge repair of laptops

Advance Level Repairing With Machine

SMD Machine : How to work on SMD rework station machine for Chip Re-balling ( Graphic chip, Pch chip, North bridge chip, South bridge chip)

BIOS PROGRAMMER : How to use BIOS programmer for reprogramming Laptop bios chip, Desktop bios chip, Lcd, Led TV Bios chips.

CRO MACHINE : How to use CRO Machine for checking all signal on motherboard like reset signal, clock signal, bios signal and frequency?

DC POWER SUPPLY MACHINE: Use of DC Power Supply Machine for varrious voltage checking of laptops and Desktop motherboard.

DIAGNOSTIC CARD: Use of Diagnostic card for faults checking with error code of laptops and Desktop motherboard.

 CPU SOCKET TESTER: How to use CPU socket tester?

 RAM TESTER: How to use ram slot tester