Laptop Repairing Course

Topics Covered in Basic and Advance Laptop Chip level Repairing Course

✓ Aware about all laptop Bios setting

✓ Learn how to create windows partition & formatting

✓ Installation of different windows.

✓ Learn to make driver backup & restore it

✓ Learn to repair all windows and driver file

✓ Learn how recover data

✓ Different types of virus problem

✓ Learn USB port and LAN port problem

✓ Solve camera failure problem


Topics Covered in Basic Electronics :

✓ Identification of different Resistor

✓ Identification of different Capacitor

✓ Identification of different Coil

✓ Identification of different Diode

✓ Identification of different Transistor

✓ Identification of different Transformer

✓ Identification of Mos-fet

✓ Identification of Crystal

Know About Different Parts of Laptop :

✓ Charger & Adapter

✓ Battery

✓ Hard Drive

✓ CD & DVD writer

✓ RAM and ROM

✓ Keyboard and Touchpad

✓ Screen (Lcd/Led)

✓ Motherboard

✓ Cooling Fan

✓ Wifi Card

✓ Webcam

Topics Covered in Chip Level Tracing Class :

 ✓ Faults in AC to DC power section testing

✓ Faults in power supply section

✓ Faults in input output

✓ Charging discharging section with chip fault tracing

✓ Faults in CPU heat control

✓ Faults in COM port section

✓ Faults in ethernet section

✓ Faults in sound audio section

✓ Faults in keyboard section

✓ Motherboard voltage regulator module circuit tracing

Topic Covered in Practical Classes :

✓ Learn hard disk chip level repairing and maintenance

✓ Learn how to install external bluetooth/wifi inside a laptop

✓ Learn how To break windows 7 login password In 3 steps

✓ Learn how an image appear on the LCD screen

✓ Learn how to fixing hardware problem without taking apart the laptop

✓ Learn how to replacing battery cells inside laptop battery

✓ Testing a laptop memory

✓ Learn how to break BIOS Password

✓ How to work with digital analog multimeter

✓ Learn how to find diagnostic card error codes

✓ How to update BIOS & reprogramming of BIOS

✓ How to work in advance service center

Section of Laptop Motherboard :

✓ Bridge section

✓ Vin section

✓ Step down section

✓ Clock generator section

✓ RAM section

✓ Rom section (bios)

✓ Charging section

✓ I/o section

✓ Touchpad section

✓ Keyboard section

✓ Usb section

✓ Wifi section

✓ Audio section

✓ lan section

✓ Lvds section

✓ Sata section

✓ CFL section

✓ Vrm section

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