Printer Repairing Course

Topics Covered in Basic and Advance Printer Chip level Repairing Course :

Inkjet/Deskjet Printer :

Introduction of Inkjet/Deskjet Printer

Classification of Inkjet/Deskjet Printer

Different sections of Inkjet/Deskjet Printer, Its details & Identification

Interface Section, Repairing of Inkjet/Deskjet Printer

Testing of Inkjet/Deskjet Printer

Block diagram of Inkjet or Deskjet Printer and description

Layout of Inkjet or Deskjet Printer

Find problems of Inkjet/Deskjet in Paper sensor, Home Sensor, Front Panel Led Indicator, Carriage motor Driver, Paper feed motor drive, Print Head driver

Trace problem of Inkjet/Deskjet in Power Supply, Description of 24V and 5V power supply

CPU and DIP switch,RAM, ROOM Pins details, Fault finding of Inkjet/Deskjet Printer

LaserJet Printer :

Function, Block diagram of all Laserjet Printer and their Process

Image Formation in Cleaning to fusing Process in Laserjet printer

Electronic section of Laser Printer with Formater PCA and DC Controller

Mechanical section of Laser Printer with Paper feeding, Motor Solenoid etc

Fault finding of Laser Printer and Refilling them

Dotmatrix Printer:

Function Of Dot Matrix Printer and it's Concept

Dotmatrix Mechanism and Daisy Chain

About Drum Printer and Printer Head Working

Learn about Power Supply & Processor Section

What is Pin Head Refurbish

Concept of SMPS Board

Color printer

Function of Colour Printer

Block Diagram of various Colour Printers and their Description

Different Types of Colour Printer

Cartridge Refilling of various Colour Printers

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